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Here you can listen and download to lots of various Eurovision songs, wether they are winners, loosers, cover versions, alternative language versions, national finalists, remixes, etc.. we got most of what is available of these songs today.


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What we have to offer
Mp3 Collection of all songs taking part in Eurovision from 1956 until today. Available on Mp3-cds and on USB flash drive.
Mp3 cds: €85 incl. shipping
USB: €75 incl. shipping
MIX CD - Pick up to 24 songs from a list of over 20 000!
List of songs here. (List is incomplete - We include International and national final songs up to today). Price: €25 incl. shipping.
Giga Collection - Increase your own collection of Eurovision Songs
Almost 20'000 Mp3s from national finals from 1956 til today. Includes various versions, remixes, live and studio.
Almost 4'500 Mp3s of cover versions of Eurovision entries. Eurovision songs performed and recorded by other artists.
Almost 4'000 Mp3s of alternative versions of Eurovision entries; Various language versions, remixes, new versions etc..
Almost 1'250 Mp3s of all songs from the international finals, from 1956 to today.
Over 25 000 mp3s made available for you. It's taken us 15 years to create this collection. Now it can be yours!
You get username and password for 1 person, and you can download all files. You have access for 12 months.
You get the over 100 GB collection delivered on an external harddrive!
You recieve 40+ mp3-dvds with all the songs on them. You must have a working dvd-reader or dvd-writer on your computer.
All prices includes registered and insured shipping. Delivery time depends on what you choose to order. From 3 working days to 4 weeks.